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MD Graham Nixon features in Plant Planet magazine!

27 May 2021

Plant Planet is an independent magazine which covers the latest news, releases and insights from the plant machinery industry. In their April edition they included a feature length article based around an interview with our Managing Director Graham Nixon.

In the article, titled ‘Graham Nixon: Born To Hire’, Graham talks strategy, remodelling and his calling to the hire industry – starting with a brief history of Nixon Hire and going on to talk about where we are comfortably positioned today, after successfully adapting to the recent challenges faced by all UK companies.

He comments: “Being progressive and forward thinking is really important to us. We like to be innovative in the industry and our vision is to create a very modernistic, dynamic business, but one that retains and respects the traditional values of family service.”

Sharing recent changes in the business, Graham states: “One significant change for the Nixon business has been to centralise its hire, logistics and service function all under the Nixon Direct banner. Centralising our hire service has been a big change for us, and our customers…we have been working hard to help the more cautious customers adapt, and it is proving successful. We are now getting some excellent feedback.”

Graham then goes on to speak about when COVID-19 struck and the impact this challenging time had on the business: “It was like falling off a cliff face for plant hire, especially large plant. However, there was a flipside. We experienced an unprecedented demand for welfare and site accommodation and chemical toilets – and that demand has not waned.”

Commenting on our continued product investments and commitment to offering only the best equipment to our customers, Graham states: “CapEx across all divisions is actually the highest it has ever been in the history of the business. It covers a real variety of different products including our transport/service fleet.”

Rounding up the interview and touching on our vision for the future Graham says, “It is in our nature to expand and grow the business, and I am proud that we are still doing this even in the most challenging of times. We are keeping our eyes open for new depots in the South, to expand in that region. We have been through two major recessions, and now COVID, and each time we’ve come out a stronger business.”

Read the full article here, starting on page 56:

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