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The Solar Welfarevan from Nixon Hire!

5 June 2019

Today is World Environment Day and in its honour, Nixon Hire are delighted to announce the latest in its solar product fleet....THE SOLAR WELFARE VAN!!

The  Solar Welfarevan has been produced in conjunction with Ryder and will  be exclusively unveiled today at a World Environment Day event hosted by  Skanska Balfour Beatty JV for Thames Water.

Michael Robbins, UK  Divisional Manager (Renewables) at Nixon Hire commented, "The Solar  Welfare Van is the latest Nixon Hire product to receive its renewable  energy credentials. With such a large fleet of vans, it made sense for  us to investigate how solar power could reduce emission output and  increase the efficiency of the vehicles performance. The Solar  Welfarevan is currently on trial sites and we anticipate it will be  readily available for hire in the next 6 weeks. I'd like to thank Ryder  for their support in the product of this product and also to Skanska  Balfour Beatty JV for Thames Water, for kindly inviting us to their  event to share information about the renewable products we offer now and  what is coming in the future. We are also supporting two other  Environmental days’ this week , which really shows the momentum that we  are gathering!"

Michael Robbins continued ”This is an exciting  time to be part of the renewables movement in the construction sector  and I'm delighted that Nixon Hire are leading the way with our product  innovations and commitment to making a positive environmental change.  The Nixon Hire Solar Pod (which was launched last year) is now being  specified by our customers for site set ups, it’s a staple product. We  consider this a huge achievement and hope that our forthcoming solar  products are equally well received."

So, how can solar panels assist the performance of a Nixon Hire Welfarevan?

The key benefits of the Solar Welfarevan are:

  • Less CO2 Emissions
  • Less oil use
  • Less engine wear (higher predicted residual value)
  • Longer battery / engine life
  • Less charging of battery when idling
  • More Silent run time