January 2021

John Nixon Ltd - Brexit statement as provided by Managing Director, Graham Nixon.

"Nixon Hire is the trading name of John Nixon Ltd, a leading provider of plant, accommodation and welfare units, portable toilets, and site equipment to hire. 

The decision made by the UK to leave the European Union means that we must embrace the challenges that this decision will bring. To ensure that our business is sustainable, we have put into effect several strategies which will ensure the strongest possible outcome for our company as the transition away from EU membership takes place. 

Inevitably there is still a great deal of uncertainty as post-Brexit negotiations take place and therefore our plans are intended to allow for a degree of flexibility in the interim period. 

Most of our products (90%) are provided from suppliers within the UK. The small number of products imported from mainland Europe and non-EU countries come via a well-established process and robust supply chain. However, we do have alternative UK supply options available and our parts suppliers exclusively from the EU are now holding stock within the UK. 
We are continuing to evaluate our suppliers to ensure continuity. 

In addition, our capital expenditure is secured in GB Pounds and we look at mitigating any cost risks with our Suppliers. In the short term we do not envisage any significant pressure on costs. 

We do not currently foresee any risks for Nixon Hire’s on-going or proposed projects, but we will continue to monitor and ensure contingencies are in place should any risks become apparent. 

Given our UK customer and supply focus, Nixon Hire is unlikely to be affected by any changes to Freedom of People movement across UK borders. 

We understand that many customers have concerns, and we are taking all reasonable steps to mitigate risk where it is within our control. We will continue to review our position as more information is provided by the Government."