Q: What is Contract Hire..?
A:  Contract Hire is a minimum term agreement between Nixon Hire and our customers for the provision of equipment at a fixed monthly cost.

"Contract Hire allows the benefits of long term use without the capital purchase outlay."    Kevin Blackwood, Sales Director

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Contract Hire is a fixed term agreement with Nixon Hire that allows you to hire plant equipment over a fixed agreed period of time. This gives you cost-effective access to modern equipment from market leading  brand names without the huge capital outlay and worry of asset depreciation.  

Contract Hire also means that Nixon Hire will take care of equipment maintenance, be it scheduled or reactive. As such, you don't have to worry about health and safety compliance and equipment inspections such as Lowler, puwer or MOT. We'll ensure that the equipment is delivered with a full tank of fuel and where required taxed for use on the road. You will also benefit from prompt breakdown response times with alternative equipment provided if necessary to minimise potential downtime.
Contract Hire allows you the same flexibility as if the equipment were your own, allowing you to allocate it to jobs as and when its needed. As the  agreement is a fixed term, you can easily budget your fixed monthly costs too! Importantly you will benefit from a reduction in hire rate due to your  commitment to hire from us for a fixed term.  

At  the end of your contract hire agreement, you will simply arrange to return the equipment to Nixon Hire. This isn't contract purchase, there is no option to purchase the equipment at the end of your contract, you are simply paying a lower than usual price for the benefit of having exclusive access to the plant. However if you want to extend your agreement at the end that's no problem!

The Benefits of Contract Hire..?

Contract Hire provides customers with:

Our Contract Hire Products….

Contract Hire provides customers access to:

  • Access to equipment at a more cost effective rate 
  • Sole and exclusive use of a product for a fixed term 
  • Flexibility to plan use and move equipment freely 
  • Scheduled and reactive maintenance taken care of 
  • A set monthly rate to make managing invoices easier 
  • Access to the latest products without the capital expenditure and loss on residual value
  • Compaction Equipment (Large) 
  • Dumpers 
  • Excavators 
  • Telehandlers 
  • Welfarevans

The Detail...

Is there a minimum contract hire period?
Yes. The minimum contract hire period term is 52 weeks.
Do I have to pay upfront?
No. Customers are invoiced monthly.
What if I don't need the equipment for 52 weeks?
Then contract hire is not for you but we can still work together to create your ideal contract.
Will I be charged if I off hire early?
Yes. You will be invoiced for the remainder of the term.
Can I suspend equipment?
Can I get the contract hire rate without signing up to contract hire?
No.  We can only offer these rates due to the guaranteed contract term.
Is Road Tax & Fuel Chargeable?
Yes. To simplify the contract and to reduce administration for you, both will be charged on the first invoice.
Do I need my own insurance?
Yes. Hired In Plant Insurance is required.

Would you like to know more about Contract Hire?

Please contact us on 0333 005 005 to create your perfect contract hire agreement.