We've tried to answer the most common questions we get asked.  If we haven't covered something which you would like to know about, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Q: Why do I need insurance?

A: If an item of hired-in plant or  equipment (including accommodation) is stolen or damaged whilst in your  possession, you will be legally liable to pay for the cost of repairs or  its replacement. Hired-in plant insurance covers you for these costs  and gives you peace of mind in the event of a loss. Our Terms and  Conditions require that you obtain adequate Hired in Plant Insurance to  cover you for the items you have on hire.

Accounts & Payments

Q: What type of payments do Nixon Hire accept?

A:  We accept the following payments, Direct Debit being our preferred method of payment
  • Direct Debit
  • 3 day BACS payment
  • Same Day Faster Payment
  • Credit/Debit Card – 2% charge for credit cards
  • Cheques
  • We do not accept cash payments in the form of notes at our Depots.
Q: How long do I have to query my invoice?

A:  All invoice queries should be notified to Nixon Hire within 21 days of the invoice date, queries should be emailed to creditcontrol@nixonhire.com, they will be logged on our internal query management system and answered by the depot responsible for the contract.
Q: What type of account can I open?

A: There are 2 types of account that can be opened as follows:
  • Credit account - subject to status.
  • Cash account – payment to be made prior to any service being provided.
Q: Why can my credit not be increased?

A:  Your credit capability is an assessment of your risk to us as company.   We use 3 credit reference agencies to assess the credit limit that we can place on all accounts, this gives us a suggested credit limit. Once you have exceeded this limit we are unable to hire goods to you unless you make a payment against your outstanding balance.

About Your Hire

Q: What are excess hours and why do I have to pay for them?
A: We calculate usage hours in accordance with CPA guidelines.   Hours the equipment is used in excess of the 'Working Week' are chargeable.  This ensures the equipment is used appropriately and safely.  Hours are recorded upon equipment delivery and collection.
Q: Do you provide safety information?
A: Nixon Hire provide operator information for each machine type and we have also produces a series of safety videos.  All equipment should only be operated by competent personnel.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the competency of individuals using equipment.  
Q: Do you charge for transport?
A: If you choose to use our transport fleet to deliver or collect equipment you've hired with us there is a charge.  Your transport rate will be shown separately on your hire contract.


Q: How do I report a breakdown?
A: Please report this to the Depot you hired the equipment from.  You can find all Depot contact numbers here.
Q: Can I report a breakdown out of  hours?
A: Yes you can. Our Depots are open Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm but outside of these times, the calls will be diverted to the appropriate Depot Manager.
Q: Will I be charged for a breakdown?
A:  This depends on the cause of the breakdown. If it is due to misuse or vandalism, yes it is likely you will be charged the the associated parts and labour.  

Toilet Servicing

Q: Is servicing included in my hire?
A: YES! A weekly service which involves cleaning the unit and restocking consumables is included.
Q: Can you service a toilet I have on hire with another company?
A: Yes of course. Please contact your local Depot to arrange this.  


Q: I want to make a complaint or pay a compliment. 
How do I do this?

A: Your feedback is very important to us. You can contact us on 0333 005 0005 to discuss any such matter,  use our contact form located here, or email us at enquiries@nixonhire.com.
Q: I want to hire equipment but i'm not near a Depot, can you help?
A: Of course! We have a dedicated team, Nixon Hire eXtra, who can help source any type of equipment - NATIONWIDE.
Q: Why do you have the centralised number?
A: We have an 0333 number for those customers who may not know which Depot  to speak to - our reception team are available to direct these calls.    We do have local numbers for our Depots too though - they can be found  here or on the back of our Essential Catalogue.  We also need one number to put on equipment as it moves around the Depot network.

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