Our Commitment to Safety
We do everything safely or not at all. 

Safety is a key priority throughout Nixon Hire.

Whether we are considering customers, suppliers, colleagues or members of the general public, we apply rigorous safety standards to all of our company operations.

We supply important safety information with each piece of equipment which is hired and have produced a series of safety videos for customers to assist in the safe operation of plant.
Your Safety Is Our Priority

As a supplier of equipment including large plant and tools, accommodation units and portable toilets largely for use on construction sites, our business presents many challenges regarding the management of safety.

By putting in place an effective accident measurement and review process, we have improved our safety standards considerably over the last 10 years.

Our 'Your Safety Is Our Priority' campaign signifies Nixon Hire's safety culture change programme. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the workplace dangers in our industry, get every single person within Nixon Hire to accept that all accidents are preventable and encourage them to proactively report all accidents, incidents and near misses. 

We analyse these events monthly and report across the company as we continually seek to reduce accidents in the workplace and achieve our ultimate goal of zero lost time accidents.

As part of our quality system, the Company‚Äôs health and safety policy is  audited on a regular basis to ensure that staff comply with procedures and that their actions meet the requirements of current regulations and codes of practice.

Nixon Hire also has a health and safety committee who meet regularly to discuss health and safety issues, monitor the company's safety record and promote any health and safety initiatives.
Want to know more?
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